Thursday, February 11, 2010

hexagonal pixelated cursive (reiko)

I have been working on making cursive fonts out of hexagonal (honeycomb) patterns. Here is part of the alphabet I've created. I like the contrast of using cursive letters in a very rigid pattern. Ideally I would like to make each pixel out of wood pieces that are raised off the base (protruding from the wall). These hexagon pieces could also be translated into buildings of a city. I'm contemplating different heights of the pieces but I'm not sure if that will be successful. I would also like to add wallpaper to the tops of the pieces. In Photoshop, I'm currently experimenting with the format of messages and the scale of the pieces which is proving to be challenging. I don't want the hexagons to be too small but I also have to worry about the total size of the pieces.

Here are few other images that have inspired me while simultaneously making me super envious:
Elisa Strozyk's Wooden Textiles found on

Charles Clary's paper sculptures also found on



  1. reiko what material are you using to make your patterns in the cursive photo in your post, is that done on illustrator? it looks great!

  2. It's done on Photoshop. Thanks Seema!