Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nokorimono ni wa sachi kitaru (by seema)

Up until now I had constructed about 7 pieces of work and was going for a total of 10 pieces, when looking at the 7 already completed pieces, they felt a bit rigid or stiff and weren't having the intended impact or general feel that I wanted.

(I would've made a light for each piece)

So I played around with the components of the sculptures, piling them up, to create one larger piece. This incarnation of my work feels more organic, and to me still connects to my muse of anthills, and giant termite mounds with regards to its' basic form and shape. I will be continuing to add more containers, and about 2-3 more lights. The installation will be 8'x 8'x 3'.

I've named my work after a modification of a Japanese proverb (
残り物には福がある -nokorimono ni wa fuku ga aru -luck is in the leftovers), with relation to the idea of the containers holding leftovers, remnants of home, and the idea of the container allowing one to transport parts of home elsewhere to enjoy. Bringing the nostalgia of home and happiness in the enjoyment of the food in the container.

"残り物には幸来たる(nokorimono ni wa sachi kitaru)
Leftovers Will Bring You Happiness"


  1. Will your piece still be hung from the ceiling or will it be on the floor?

  2. lights will be hung from the ceiling, but the pieces will be on the floor.