Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some progress (by reiko)

I have been working on a rough mock up of my project using part of one of the words, "itte". I cut hundreds of hexagon pieces out of foam core and stacked them to the size I liked. For the final project I would like the hexagon pieces to be made out of wood and there will be different patterns of wallpaper covering the tops of the hexagons. I experimented with the heights of the pieces. I wanted to see what it would look like to have them all the same height (the first 2 letters) and also with varied heights (the last 2 letters). I prefer the varied heights but I'm thinking of doing a more gradual change of heights from left to right. I want the wood pieces to be full blocks without the stacked layers but there is something nice about the look of the layers. These words will be hung on the wall as sculptural pieces without a base.

draft in Photoshop

cut hundreds of hexagons out of foam core

rough mock up


  1. Thanks Seema. I'm now thinking of making the wood pieces exactly like the foam core (make them stacked) and put thicker coloured paper in between the stacked pieces.

  2. Yeah, I really like the stacked effect - having different layers etc... from far away it looks like pixels, but up close its a sculpture... like buildings... building blocks! Could even be on the floor too...