Friday, October 16, 2009

A bit about us

We, A Collection of Foreign Objects, are an arts collective which has gone through a number of incarnations since our inception in 2002. We tend to come together to work on projects and exhibition revolving around themes. Our current incarnation includes members Reiko Shimizu, Seema Narula, Steve Newberry and Aleksandra Rdest. Our current project, which will be exhibited next year at the Gendai Gallery, centers around the concept of Wasuremono.

Wasuremono is a Japanese word for lost or forgotten things. It implies an object's potential for being lost before it is lost. You would see signs on the subway in Japan that says something to the effect of "Don't forget your lost items". It is this potential for lost-ness that fascinates us as a group. One person lost is another person's found; so the concept and easily be Anglo-sized to Lost and Found. Down the line we will likely narrow the focus of the concept but for now we are running with this and exploring the possibilities within it. We will be embarking on various art-making activities; stay tuned:)

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